Answers What is Poker Face is detailed and easy to understand for newbies

 What is poker face?  always makes newbies to play very curious. Many experts believe that this is an important key to turning gamers into a top professional hand. To learn more about this interesting term, follow article below.

 What is poker face? 

This is a term that describes an expressionless face, always acting cold and hiding all emotions inside. This behavior is common in the game of Poker, players seek not to reveal their true feelings, in order to trap and deceive the opponent. This way helps you to dominate, grasp the situation and collect more victories.

What is poker face? 

Poker players really do not want to reveal their thoughts, which is completely for a reason. It can be said that this card game is an information war, but the more emotions you reveal, the more data your opponent has to analyze. If the player exposes too much, the possibility of failure will also increase significantly.

What are the benefits of using Poker face?

A study by the University of California-Davis has revealed that, when betting with huge chips, the decision and the final outcome depend heavily on your ability to keep your cards secret.

Poker is a constant test of courage and wisdom. Understanding What is poker face?  and keeping it in a calm, patient manner will help you improve your trapping skills, double your understanding of your opponent, and increase your chances of winning.

What is the professional expression of Poker face?

The expression of a perfect Poker face, is when you don’t show any positive or negative emotions on your face, while playing Poker. Specifically as:

  • Facial expressionless.
  • Cold looking
  • Mouth motionless.
  • Do not move the face.
  • Be kind to other players.
  • Confident and steadfast.
  • Don’t express admiration or fear for your opponent.

What is the professional expression of Poker face?

How to own a perfect Poker face?

To become a hand that owns a standard Poker face without adjustment, players should apply the following important rules:

Learn to control emotions

Not only understand  What is poker face? , you also need skills to train your face to become more and more professional. First, you need to learn how to keep your face expressionless. Whether you are holding strong cards or facing a losing situation, always keep yourself calm and do not show any signs.

Although the final result of the bet is not clearly reflected on the face, if you reveal anything, the opponent will immediately grasp that information. This will reduce your chances of winning to almost the lowest.

Identify emotional tendencies

Clearly understand What is poker face? , you will see that every gesture and action on the Poker table reveals information about you to your opponent. Learn to anticipate your emotions to avoid revealing these signs.

For example, when preparing a bluff, players should think about their reaction in advance. You will maintain a “cold like money” attitude or shake your head, copy your mouth, … Experienced opponents will quickly recognize these expressions and easily guess your intentions.

What is emotion identification in Poker face?

Many players often ask a very interesting question:  What is poker face? ? Is it hypocrisy or self-control? Opinion on this may vary from person to person. However, most consider it positive. Keeping your feelings private is not only respectful of others, but also helps you avoid trouble, especially on the poker table where money is involved.

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Be careful when chatting

In crowded tables, interaction between members is inevitable, especially when playing live at the casino. If you don’t know What is poker face? , opponents can use words to influence gameplay, as well as read your emotions on the game board. Poker players are often very cunning in using psychological tricks to gather information from others.

If you respond to them in a self-deprecating way, you will help them gain an advantage. On the contrary, if you show absolute confidence, you will have to make them shy. Your opponent will be hit by the “stick you hit your back”. In short, the golden rule at the poker table is to keep quiet. By keeping your emotions hidden and showing a cold Poker face, you will easily control the situation.

Thus, the above article of 789BET explained it in detail  What is poker face? . This technique of the face can not only be used on the card game table, but also can be applied to many situations in life. Let’s practice Poker face right now!

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