Small and Large Businesses can Benefit from Knowing these PDF Tricks

PDFs are ubiquitous and widely used in the business world. The file format is OS and device-agnostic, which means it can be rendered and viewed the same way across all operating systems and devices.

However, PDFs are tricky to work with, and users need to use the right editor to handle the documents properly. Therefore, learning PDF tricks and tips is essential for business owners to harness the potential of the versatile file format.

Whether you are a small or large business owner, these PDF tricks will give you a competitive edge.

Use Online Converters

Although you can use MS Word to convert existing documents and save them as PDFs, it is worth knowing the wide range of available online converters.

Some notable ones are Nitro PDF Converter, Able2Extract PDF Converter, HiPDF Online PDF Converter, and Convertio. Using these, you can carry out bulk conversions and reduce the workload on your employees.

The benefit of using online converters is no hassle installing the software locally. Therefore, it is a quick and risk-free process.

Convert PDF to Read-only to Protect the Document

In the business world, PDF documents contain sensitive information. You wouldn’t want such confidential information to fall into the wrong hands. So convert editable PDF to non editable to protect your confidential data.

Converting your PDF document to read-only is one of the best ways to protect the document. With this, users can open and read the document but cannot make any changes to the file.

So if you want to distribute promotional materials publicly and don’t want people to tinker with the information provided in the document, this is the best solution.

Merge PDF Files to Share Them Quickly

Why confuse your team by having them wrangle separate files? Instead, you can use Adobe Acrobat to merge the files into a single PDF so that your team can easily access and share the file.

You can do this by opening the File menu and choosing the Create sub-section > Combine Files into a Single File. This will blend the files together, and you don’t have to worry about manually copying and pasting the documents.

Use the Advanced Search Option

Scan through the document quickly by using the advanced search option. You can click on the Advanced Search function in the Edit drop-down to find specific phrases or words to change or remove. Then, enter the term or word you want to see, and the work will be done quickly.

Add Encryption

Protecting PDF documents from snoopers is essential because you cannot afford to have business data leaked out. So you must ensure only the right individuals have access to the document.

You can password-protect the PDF file so only those with the password can open and read the document. You will find more options in the Protection sub-section within the Tools menu in Acrobat.

The protection levels can be adjusted according to your specific needs. For instance, you can make the document viewable to people with the proper credentials, or you can make it editable to a select few.

Enhance PDF Reading

It can be a challenge to work with PDF readers. But, while they are designed for it, they are always easy to navigate. So you will miss out on having a natural reading experience as you would with a digital book.

But with reading tools like PDFelement, you can make PDF reading a pleasure. The navigation is straightforward, and you can quickly jump from one page to anywhere in the document. In addition, there are multiple reading modes to make things easier for you.

The PDF reader may work slowly if you are handling a large PDF file. The workaround is to reduce the file size or flatten the PDF, so unwanted elements are removed. This will ensure the file loads quickly, and you can easily scroll through it.

Annotate PDF Documents

Suppose you do not have access to your system and you urgently need to make notes on a PDF document, the best solution is to use PDF annotation websites. LightPDF and SmallPDF are good examples of such sites, allowing users to write on top of their PDF files quickly.

When you have finished annotating the PDF files, download the file and save it to your computer. The benefit of using online tools is that you will not be limited to a specific computer. You can make changes to the PDF document on the go.

However, your information may not be secure when using online services. Hence, you must use encrypted files to keep confidential information hidden.

Final Thoughts

If your business relies heavily on creating and circulating PDF files, you must memorize the PDF tricks mentioned above. Then, use these tips to get the most out of the PDF file format.

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