Thinking of a Wedding Weekend? Here Are Its Pros and Cons

The notion of a “wedding weekend” is intriguing because it provides an opportunity for the couple to relax and socialize with their loved ones in an intimate setting. Gone are the days of limiting wedding festivities to a single day. Nowadays, many couples are opting to stretch their celebrations over an entire weekend, spanning three days filled with merriment shared with loved ones, compared to the traditional single-day event mainly because planning a wedding can take months, yet the actual celebration is fleeting. 

A wedding weekend is more than just the traditional wedding day events as it includes additional activities like welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, and send-off brunches. In between these main events, guests can participate in organized gatherings or explore the area at their leisure. 

Multi-day celebrations allow for a more relaxed atmosphere and give couples more time to spend with their loved ones,  but at the same time, it can be quite hectic with a lot of planning involved to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you’re considering hosting such an event, here are the pros and cons you need to know:

Pro: Extension of the Celebration

As previously noted, a wedding day tends to pass by quickly. However, there’s a way to make it last longer. Opting for a wedding weekend is a great solution that can prolong the joyous atmosphere of your big day. Not only does this option offer more time to spend with your loved ones, but it also provides an opportunity for more meaningful interactions over the course of several days. It’s truly amazing!

As couples opt for smaller, more personal celebrations, having a full weekend to spend with your closest friends and family allows you to build closer relationships, and your guests will be more invested in your big day. And with a range of activities planned, your guests will enjoy the celebration even more, especially since your wedding day can pass by quickly. 


A fabulous escape awaits your guests. Hosting a wedding weekend provides a unique opportunity to give your guests a mini-vacation and a memorable experience, as it comes with an element of thrill and excitement. By organizing a multi-day celebration centered around a unique destination, venue, or wedding theme attire, such as bridesmaid robes, your guests will have ample time to explore the surroundings and create cherished memories. 

What’s more, wedding weekends foster connections! While some guests may already know each other, others may not. With more opportunities to bond and catch up, your wedding weekend may be the catalyst for new friendships (or perhaps even love stories!). 

Con: Can Really Fall on the Expensive Side

Weekend-long weddings usually come with heftier price tags, and this is not surprising. Unlike one-day affairs, multi-day weddings require more planning, additional activities, and a greater quantity of food and drinks. Additionally, you may need to locate additional venues to accommodate various events throughout the celebratory period. 

and guests

 If you can afford to spend more, then it’s excellent! However, in other circumstances, you may need to contemplate reducing your guest list or choosing a one-day wedding instead. It’s crucial to evaluate the pros and cons to determine whether it’s a worthwhile expense for you and your partner. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that in some instances, a weekend-long wedding may not be as expensive as you think. For instance, if you have a destination wedding at a resort or hotel where weddings are practically free when you reserve enough guest rooms, hosting your guests for an extra day or two may not add much to the overall expense.

Pro: More Time to Unwind for Guests Who Traveled Far

While organizing a wedding weekend may require additional planning and expenses, the extended celebration allows you to rejoice with your loved ones for several days, and everyone can have a lot more fun. The guests can unwind, wear their lace robes for days, and truly revel in the festivities without worrying about work the next day or a long commute home. 

This is particularly beneficial for those traveling from afar, including international guests. Moreover, if you’re hosting a destination wedding, why not transform it into a mini-getaway? The opportunity to make cherished memories with your nearest and dearest is invaluable.

A wedding weekend offers a plethora of options for out-of-towners to savor. For guests traveling from afar to attend your wedding, a wedding weekend is crucial. By providing not just one, but multiple planned events along with a comprehensive list of activities, your out-of-town guests can maximize their weekend by reveling in your celebration.

Con: No Existing Guideline Which Specific Elements to Include

A multi-day celebration affords the chance to introduce your loved ones to activities and places that you and your partner relish. For example, you might organize a boating excursion with everyone in their wedding garb, even the mother of the bride robe or flower girls’ dress, or include a winery tour in your wedding festivities. 

The possibilities are endless, but in light of that, one of the challenges arises: there isn’t always clear guidance on what elements are considered essential to a wedding, which can be particularly challenging for mixed-age weddings. Some couples decide to skip traditional formalities altogether. 

Pro: Flexibility at Its Finest

A wedding typically involves a welcome gathering, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and farewell brunch. However, a weekend-long wedding provides greater flexibility, allowing for more creativity in the format, rhythm, and tempo of the occasion. It can be viewed as a brief vacation for both you and your guests. 

Con: It May Not Be as Intimate as You Expect It to Be

A “weekend” wedding typically involves two or three days of events for your guests, with at least two activities: a pre-wedding celebration like a rehearsal dinner, and the wedding day itself. While a weekend wedding can be fun, it may not be as intimate as a simple celebration. One potential disadvantage of a wedding weekend is that you and your partner may have less private time together. 

As the stars of the celebration, you will be constantly surrounded by guests seeking your attention or wanting to take pictures with you. However, there are ways to mitigate this issue. It’s essential to build some free time into your wedding itinerary, allowing you to spend a few hours alone with your significant other while your guests explore the surrounding area or relax on their own. This can help you recharge and savor those precious moments with your partner amidst the busy weekend festivities.

It’s entirely your choice whether or not to host a weekend-long celebration and if it aligns with your vision for your special day. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages first before committing to a final decision. There may be numerous benefits to hosting a weekend-long wedding, but the drawbacks might include increased expenses and more complex logistics.

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